History & Background


Our Objective is to have the best barbecue in the Northeast and provide the finest quality service - bar none.

Grate's Enterprises has been i existence for nearly twenty years located at 330 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut. Initially, I managed and operated an automobile body/repair shop for ten years, then I decided to convert my garage into a convenience store, delicatessen and gas station. Out of this evovled Joe Grate's Barbecue (as a seperate entity) - an outdoor, tent covered patio pavilion.

In my native South Carolina, barbecuing was simply a way of life and "perfecting" this craft was the dream of every novice. Nearly three years ago, I ha the distinct honor and privilege of participating in the Volvo Tournament as a food vendor, specializing in an old-fashioned barbecue menu. Needless to say, the training was intense and reception to my products was astounding. Upon completion of the tournament, I decided to expand my property to accomodate a 1200 square ft outside barbecue pavilion that was simplistic and customer accessible. I also aimed at fast efficient service, tailoring my menu to specific products and reproducibility of my secret sauce. Therefore, my slogan, "Its all in the sauce: emerged, for I believe that the authenticity of cooking any type of meat is directly proportional to preperation of the sauce.

These components coupled with a fastidious, service oriented staff has given my business credibility and credence.